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The Website is developed to help new and existing players to earn free V-Bucks. There is a lot of tasks where you get rewarded with free V-Bucks in the PvE, you can find the list on the home page. “Free the V-Bucks” is created and updated by me, iFeral with the help of the community. I’m a 23-year-old just graduated ICT student from Finland. On my spare time you can usually find me developing websites and mobile games. You can view all my games on my game development website and follow the progress on my . Currently working on “Streamer Simulator” mobile game. You can download it from !

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How much V-Bucks can you earn in Save the World?

There is no direct answer to it. It depends on how much you play and how quick you are. At the beginning of the game, you just need to advance in the story to maximize your V-Bucks earnings. Some people say that they have earned around 4000-5000 V-Bucks from playing Save the World for 2 weeks. Some say they earned more than 1500 V-Bucks in the first few days. Save the World have been on sale for half-price for a few times. But be careful, Save the World is also super fun and addictive!

My Fortnite experience

My ingame name is “iFeral” and I play both Battle Royale and Save the World game modes. I spend most of the free/earned V-Bucks from Save the World in the Battle Royale game mode.

a lot of V-Bucks

The data about V-Bucks on this website is up-to-date with v5.40 patch. If you find anything invalid, please inform me and we will get it fixed.


For all inquiries, please contact: support(at)
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